Sunday, January 15, 2012

Treating allergies and asthma with acupuncture

It's January in Arizona, and a new round of plants must be beginning to bloom! I know this, because I've seen more patients in my practice recently with their allergies and sinuses acting up again. Many people don't even realize it, but histamine not only adds to inflammation and congestion, it can also lead to symptoms of fatigue, depression and difficulty concentrating.

One of my favorite ways to use acupuncture, is for helping patients suffering from allergies, asthma and sinusitis. When a patient comes in needing relief from their allergy symptoms I get excited, because acupuncture works so well and so quickly!

With the cost of asthma and allergy medications on the rise, patients are often looking for alternative treatments. Acupuncture and natural supplementation helps them reduce and often stop completely, their dependence on these expensive medications and puts more money back in their pockets!

It's treatments like these that get me excited, as patients are not only improving their health and feeling better, but they're profiting from the experience as well!

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