Sunday, January 15, 2012

Treating allergies and asthma with acupuncture

It's January in Arizona, and a new round of plants must be beginning to bloom! I know this, because I've seen more patients in my practice recently with their allergies and sinuses acting up again. Many people don't even realize it, but histamine not only adds to inflammation and congestion, it can also lead to symptoms of fatigue, depression and difficulty concentrating.

One of my favorite ways to use acupuncture, is for helping patients suffering from allergies, asthma and sinusitis. When a patient comes in needing relief from their allergy symptoms I get excited, because acupuncture works so well and so quickly!

With the cost of asthma and allergy medications on the rise, patients are often looking for alternative treatments. Acupuncture and natural supplementation helps them reduce and often stop completely, their dependence on these expensive medications and puts more money back in their pockets!

It's treatments like these that get me excited, as patients are not only improving their health and feeling better, but they're profiting from the experience as well!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Health Basics - Exercise!

The American Diabetes Association is finally catching up to what Naturopathic Doctors already know: that exercise improves blood glucose levels, reduces insulin resistance, improves circulation, boosts mood and memory, improves cholesterol, reduces blood pressure, reduces mortality and improves quality of life!

The ADA has recently increased exercise recommendations for diabetics and people trying to prevent diabetes. The new recommendation is 150 minutes a week - that's 2.5 hours. They recommend this exercise be spread throughout the week, such as 30 minutes 5x a week or 50 minutes 3x a week on non consecutive days (M-W-F not Fri-Sat-Sun) without taking a break longer than 2 days in a row. Finally they recommend adding in strength training at least 2x a week (on non consecutive days). This amount of exercise will prevent diabetes, improve insulin resistance, reduce weight gain around the waste and improve longevity and quality of life.

I think it's time for us to get out there and get moving! Need some ideas? Brisk walking, joining a gym, riding a bike, hiking, swimming and yoga are great places to start. As long as you don't stop for a bite to eat, walking and shopping at the mall can count as exercise! For more information on an individualized diet and exercise plan that's right for you contact us at 480-883-8160.

Dr. Weeshoff offers medically supervised weight loss plans including help with diet and exercise to prevent and improve diabetes, hypertension, autoimmune conditions, fatigue, kidney and liver disorders. To learn more visit her website:

Need a mood boost? Take you're omega 3s!

If you've been regularly feeling a little low, it could be that you're deficient in eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) - one of the omega 3 fatty acids found in our food. Our body doesn't make omega - 3 fatty acids so we are dependent on our food supply and supplementation to get these very important nutrients.

EPA and DHA, the most important omega 3 fatty acids are naturally found in fatty fish. However, now that so much of the fish we eat is farm raised, it no longer has the omega 3 fatty acids in it. Farm raised fish don't eat the same diet as their wild caught counter parts, and have a different lifestyle which leads to a lower omega 3 content with a higher omega 6 content.

To increase the EPA and DHA in your diet, eat wild caught or Alaskan fish, or take a high quality fish oil supplement such as Nordic Naturals. Adding in at least 500mg of EPA to your diet daily, will help you beat the winter blues! If you'd like to learn more about your individual omega 3 needs and more ways to boost your mood and brain power, give our office a call: 480-883-8160.

To read more visit:

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Whole Food Diet Benefits

Since our topic is endings this month, I thought I'd remind you of the benefits of ending a diet high in additives and refined carbohydrates and beginning a diet rich in whole foods, such as fruits, vegetables, organic meats, legumes and non-wheat grains.

With a diet rich in vegetables, fruits, nuts, legumes, organic meats and non-wheat grains you will gain:

Improved focus and memory
A shrinking waisteline with improved weight loss and increased fat burning
Balanced blood sugar and improved insulin sensitivity
Improved cardiovascular health and better circulation
Lower blood pressure and lower cholesterol
A sense of calm and balanced emotions
More energy and better sleep
Balanced hormones
Decreased pain and less inflammation
Less headaches
Stronger immune system and less illnesses

This month, consider removing or greatly reducing your intake of packaged and processed foods from your diet. There are so many benefits, how can you say no? By reducing those refined carbohydrates and additives that are found in packaged foods, you improve your insulin sensitivity and reduce plaque development in your blood vessels which leads to all the improvements above! So, with the change in weather, now's a great time to stop by your local farmers market and pick up some delicious, organic locally grown foods to replace those packaged refined foods.

If you would like more information on the right diet for your individual health needs and a comprehensive health assessment, come in for a wellness appointment. We also offer a weight loss class to help you get healthy without experiencing cravings, mood swings or fatigue.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Let the Olympics Inspire You

With the Summer Olympics in full swing, the success of ritual and routine is readily apparent. Olympic athletes are some of the most disciplined among us, following proper nutrition, rigorous daily training, and appropriate rest in order to reach their goal. They eat balanced meals, avoid alcohol, take vitamins, stretch, work with coaches, physical therapists and sports psychologists. Their training routine is perfected, creating strength, agility and focus. Along with routines and great discipline, they have rituals such as eating a special meal with the team the night before the competition, listening to a specific song to gear up for a race, and visualizing their event regularly before it happens.

Use this time to be inspired and awaken the athlete within you! Do you have a goal you'd like to reach? Whether it's an athletic goal, a health goal or a goal at work or home. Choose foods that nourish your body and create meals that will help you have a successful day and move you towards your goal. Drink enough water, eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes and lean meats. A proper diet is as important for athletic training as it is for weight loss, proper focus and stability. Create a workout routine that will bring you closer to your goal. Finally, take time to focus, meditate and visualize yourself reaching that goal. Create rituals and routines in your diet, exercise, and spiritual life. And repeat, repeat, repeat!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Chandler, B12 Shots, Madonna and You!

Beat the Heat with Vitamin B12!

Did you know that B12 absorption is decreased by many medications, including birth control pills, antibiotics, antacids and even alcohol? And absorption of B12 decreases as we age and our stomachs become less acidic. Life Sculpting is now offering $12 - B12 Injections along with B Complex. This is a great mixture of B Vitamins that will:

Increase Energy
Boost Metabolism
Improve Skin Texture and Tone
Improve Nervous System Health
Decrease Headaches
Balance Hormones and Decrease Symptoms of PMS
Improve Mood
Reduce Stress

If you're interested in experiencing the great effects of B12, make an appointment today – 480-883-8160.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Saying No to NSAIDS and Yes to Acupuncture

Prescription NSAIDS such as Vioxx and Celebrex, used to treat the pain and stiffness associated with osteoarthritis, have recently been shown to increase the risk of heart attacks and strokes in the patients who use them. Unfortunately, many patients suffering from osteoarthritis also suffer from heart disease making the prescribing of NSAIDS less than ideal.

Fortunately, acupuncture provides a much safer and effective alternative. A 26 week study published in Dec 2004 issue of the Annals of Internal Medicine showed that acupuncture was more effective than sham acupuncture or group education at decreasing pain and improving mobility. Mobility was shown to improve within the first 8 weeks and improvement in pain was found at the end of the 26 week study. In all, patients each received 23 acupuncture treatments over the 26 week period.

If you're interested in learning more about acupuncture for treatment of osteoarthritis and other musculo-skeletal conditions, email

Berman BM, Lao L, Langenberg P, et al. Effectiveness of acupuncture as adjunctive therapy in osteoarthritis of the knee. Ann Intern Med 2004;141:901-910.