Thursday, July 17, 2008

Chandler, B12 Shots, Madonna and You!

Beat the Heat with Vitamin B12!

Did you know that B12 absorption is decreased by many medications, including birth control pills, antibiotics, antacids and even alcohol? And absorption of B12 decreases as we age and our stomachs become less acidic. Life Sculpting is now offering $12 - B12 Injections along with B Complex. This is a great mixture of B Vitamins that will:

Increase Energy
Boost Metabolism
Improve Skin Texture and Tone
Improve Nervous System Health
Decrease Headaches
Balance Hormones and Decrease Symptoms of PMS
Improve Mood
Reduce Stress

If you're interested in experiencing the great effects of B12, make an appointment today – 480-883-8160.


Michael said...

I thought this had something to do with Madonna. Isn't this a celebrity gossip site?

Laura Weeshoff, NMD said...

Hahaha.. well the latest celebrity gossip is that Madonna regularly gets B12 shots and even gave one to Justin Timberlake.